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Jovibarba allionii

Light yellow flowers up to 4cm (2in) from June to July and growing 10cm (4in) wide. Prefers well drained, gritty soil in full sun.

Native of the French and Italian Alps, this is a strain that originated in an area of Esteng, France. Jovibarba were first collected by the pioneering Italian physician & botanist Carlo Allioni (1728-1804). 'Old wryters do call it lovis barba, Jupiter's Bearden, & hold an Opynion supersticously in what house so ever it groweth, no Lyghtning or Tempest can take place to doeany harm there.' - William Bullein, 1563.

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    £ 3.50

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    £ 4.50

  • Height

    4 cm

  • Spread

    10 cm

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